The sidekick business has been good to me. – SA

Sherlock has Dr. Watson. Hunter Thompson has Dr. Gonzo. Somewhere in-between I have Dr. Jen. She’s the brains of this outfit. She has the social grace I lack. She can reach top shelves I can’t. She’s got style, she’s got flair, she’s always there, she’s Dr. Jen! And as of last Friday, she’s 40!


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Forty Adventures #12 – April

The last big adventure to get my one-a-month! I also only need 2 more to finish up all 40 which is great because adventures are hard to come by under quarantine. I had all kinds of ideas to finish up the year. I had looked into bi-plane rides, spelunking, and even a plan to tour historic carousels along the east coast. Ultimately though, none of these were plausible. But if I can’t go to the adventure, I’ll make the adventure come to me! Dr. Jen and I created an 18 hole, indoor/outdoor mini-golf course. We even dressed for the occasion.

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Forty Adventures #11 – March


In November I had my Old Timey adventure. One of the small adventures I’ll write about next month was a retro adventure. Here in lies my Ye Olde Adventure, where Dr. Jen and I lived like royalty! All the activities planned were themed to match with the “old world,” whatever that means. Jen and I have argued what era is Ye Olde. Jousting, archery battles, and shopping malls lie within. Stay safe and wash your hands, everyone.

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Forty Adventures #7 & #8 – November & December

After the long post for October’s, I’ve decided to combine the November and December posts into 1 shorter blob.  Both adventures were great and scored appropriately on their respective rubrics however there isn’t as much to say about them. I’m also a month behind and just finished January’s adventure. I need to catch up. So enjoy a shorter blog, fun pictures and videos, and a history lesson about a (fictitious) relative of mine, Jubal Bedford Yuppifiah Hobo.

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Forty Adventures #6B – October

We saw the thermometer get as low as -14F. It snowed almost every day. Winds were between 35-50 mph at points. The route was about 70 miles but that doesn’t include rounding up the cattle, chasing after them, back tracking, etc. Shawn figured it was over 100 miles in saddle. It was challenging and I have enormous respect for people who can do this for a living. Was it fun? I’m not sure that’s the word I would use, but I loved it and will do it again without hesitation.

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Reisen ist die gesündeste Sucht

Two of my besties are brothers. This is both good and bad. It’s cool because knowing both makes me part of their family. I’m not just Travis’s friend or Tyler’s friend when I stop by (yep, all 3 brothers have T names, nope I’m neither friends nor unfriendly with Trevor). When I come over it’s “Hey Andy, the family friend!”

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Day 15: Art teaches us to see into things. Folk art and kitsch allow us to see outward from within things. – WB

Most folk art I’ve seen is exhibited at the artist’s home. For me, that makes it more intimate. I’m seeing what’s inside them in a place where they are most comfortable. They’ve arranged all the pieces instead of some museum employee. Almost every aspect of the experience is created by the artist. Often these artists aren’t classically trained so their work is uninhibited by rules or structure that other artists might feel constrained by. Today I was able to visit two folk artists’ work.

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Day 13: I stayed in a really old hotel last night. They sent me a wake-up letter. – SW

I survived the Clown Motel! There’s a lot that can be said for it but I think it’s better if everyone experiences it for themselves. No database system, no confirmation emails, leaving keys under mats, next to a 100 year old cemetery, sketchy bathroom. This place has it all…or rather has nothing…I don’t know, man, just stay there and figure it out for yourself.

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Day 5: You are the mint in my mojito. – Anonymous

Today was my day off! I didn’t have to drive anywhere and technically I didn’t have anything planned. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get up to anything fun. It certainly doesn’t mean I didn’t drink most of the day away with a Romanian bartender! Today was all about rest because the next few days will be taxing. This is also my last night in Wisconsin.

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Day 4: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest man. – RD

Most people would say I threw a lot of money away today. They’re probably right, but screw them, it’s my money. Almost all of the attractions I went to today were $5 + tax, but it adds up. Fortunately I was very busy, had loads of fun, and walked many, many miles. I also finally ate well! So here’s how my day went.

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