Destination Guides

  • Roadside America is my favorite site and is where I find 99% of my destinations, distractions, and trip deviations.
  • Atlas Obscura is a close second to Roadside in finding weird destinations. I like that this is updated and cataloged by readers as much as the site owners.
  • Unforgettable Road Trips in America is a great article/resource recommended to me by some fine people. Feel free to read the post about it here.

Mapping Sites I’ve Used

  • Roadtrippers I use for mapping as well as a destination guide.
  • My Scenic Drives has been of great help with large scale mapping.
  • Rand McNally TripMaker, like Roadtrippers, I’ve used for mapping as well as finding lodging and other sights.
  • isn’t a traditional mapping site however you can view where caches are globally. My profile allows you to see all of the caches I’ve found through the years.

My Review Sites