Forty Adventures #10 – February

Arg! I’m way behind and I have no excuse since I’m stuck in my house.

My tenth big adventure fell right into place with the birthday of my cohort, co-pilot, and co-ice cream eater, Dr. Jen. Because she’s just as much about Adventure! as I am, she wanted to take a birthday trip and throw herself down a mountain at 30 mph face first. Isn’t she fantastic?! Vacations in the tropics are for wimps.


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Forty Adventures #9F – January

Dag yo, this is a lot of posts about 1 trip! Writing these is a flashback to the trip that started this blog. I figure cutting it up and filling it with pictures makes better reading than me typing up a long winded dissertation debating the relative merits of the Mystery Hole vs. Mystery House. Maybe that’s what I should be writing. Maybe I could get a degree from Oddball University. They do seem to have similar missions and visions for their lives to the ones I have. I need to reach out to them. Until then, dear reader, silly sites and pictures are found in this post.

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