Get ready for the most spectacular standing piss in human history.

Netflix has some quality, original content. What started as a DVD rental company has grown into a TV/Movie channel in it’s own right and I’m pretty happy about that. Everyone who watches Stranger Things loves it. Everyone. It’s a fact. I have charts. I’ve recently watched Brazilian made 3% and was completely engrossed in it’s story. Most recently though, I’ve watched The Fundamentals of Caring. In fact I watched it three times over the past weekend.

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Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers? – JM

I’ve managed to keep up my yearly tradition of watching a horror movie a night during October! I’ve seen some good ones but mostly I’ve seen some really terrible ones. Where I can, I try to keep them road tripped themed so I can review them for my blog. I’m not going to muddy the theme of this blog by reviewing movies unrelated to road trips. For this post I’ll review two that I’ve recently watched and enjoyed.

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Learned that from a hockey ninja.

I finally got around to completing the Joy Ride trilogy by watching Joy Ride 3: Road Kill. Oh Rusty Nail, you’ve provided me with so much to think about concerning my upcoming (impending?) road trip. Do I buy a CB or not? Is it better to know a killer is on your tail or is blissful ignorance of your demise preferable? Should I be friendly to truck drivers or just avoid them entirely, walking through truck stops staring at the floor so as to not make eye contact? What the hell is a hockey ninja and why are they teaching truckers to kill?

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Do you guys need help back to the main road?

For me there are really only three real holidays. Starting Dec. 26th I start looking at deals for fireworks (there are usually lots of good sales just before New Years). On Nov. 1st I’m in full Christmas mode. But here we are, pre-Christmas and post-4th. We are dead in the midst of Halloween season! I plan to review travel books and movies to help add related posts to this blog. For my first movie reviews I’m combining my love of travel with my love of horror. I recently watched the apropos Joy Ride and Joy Ride 2.

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