I love conversation and the sharing of different thoughts and philosophies. – JL/JR

Before I get a post up about my recent trip to Ireland, I want to offer up an article sent my way. Waiting for me at work this morning was the nicest email. Hannah (blogger Craft Junkie) shared with me her plans for an epic, 3-week RV trip this summer. I’m so jealous as I’ve never actually been in an RV and would love a 3 week adventure in one of those behemoths.

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Fernweh: Being homesick for a place you’ve never been to

Germany does have a killer lexicon. Today was a lot of driving and a lot of sheep. Seriously though, I’ve seen more lambs today than the rest of my life combined. I wasn’t aware this was where all sheep spawn from. Also the landscape is terribly dull. I thought it was just that I was tired yesterday that I kept zoning out but it’s the roads. It’s all beautiful and the roads are in great condition with very few, shallow potholes! The problem, it’s constant green fields and straight, flat pastures and roads. It’s too calming to drive. Continue reading “Fernweh: Being homesick for a place you’ve never been to”

Reisen ist die gesündeste Sucht

Two of my besties are brothers. This is both good and bad. It’s cool because knowing both makes me part of their family. I’m not just Travis’s friend or Tyler’s friend when I stop by (yep, all 3 brothers have T names, nope I’m neither friends nor unfriendly with Trevor). When I come over it’s “Hey Andy, the family friend!”

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I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything. – SW


noun, ( often initial capital letter)
1. a young, ambitious, and well-educated city-dweller who has a professional career and an affluent lifestyle.
noun, plural hobos, hoboes.
1. a tramp or vagrant.
2. a migratory worker.
Yuppie Hobo:
1. an over educated idiot who spends too much time and money seeing and doing stupid and childish things.
2. a smashed penny collector, probably has fleas.

Feel free to leave your own Yuppie Hobo definition below.

Road Music: Vol I

The internet likes lists and I’m getting on that train. One of the two bloggers I read frequently is Matt at Dinosaur Dracula. I’m going to blame him for putting the idea in my head. He makes lists of best toys, commercials, holiday junk food, etc. To copy him while staying with the theme of my blog, I’m going to try out lists of travel themed music I enjoy. I’ve already started compiling some themes and songs so I’m ahead of the game, but feel free to mention your favorites in the comments section.

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More love for this guy! There are two bloggers I read with religious fervency. One reminds me of my best friend growing up and talks about the pop culture that was important to me from the early 80s to the early 90s. The other actually elevates me and is a solid read that should be interesting to anyone. The cool part? This second blogger gave me a shout out in one of her recent posts!

The Questing Geek covers “both kinds of hobbies; geeky and nerdy.” Queen Geek Kathy covers books, movies, TV shows, gift ideas, games, etc. It’s chic to say you’re nerdy these days, but Kathy is an OG legit nerd. For flipping sake, the name of her blog is a reference to a chimera-esque monster from Arthurian legend and she was in an article of Mental Floss! Go read her blog and watch your “to read” and “to watch” list grow. You would thank me later for turning you on to her blog but you’ll be too busy reading all of the books she recommends.

Why are you still reading this post? Go to her blog and catch up! She blogs with much more frequency than I do. The more time you waste the further behind you’re going to get.

Kathy, if you’re ever in Delaware on a Thursday night, you and your geeky knowledge are always welcome at my Quizzo team’s table!

I love being famous. It validates I have something to say. – RL

Atlas Obscura is a great source of silly and wacky destinations. Obviously I read it a lot. The site has a series called “The Year in Wonder ” and recently asked readers to share personal stories that made the year special. I submitted a small blurb about my trip and the editors chose it as one of their favorites! I feel a little silly as another story is of a woman saving a homeless man’s life, but I’ll take the win.

We Asked, You Answered: Wondrous Things That Happened in 2017


Good-quality travel and good-quality food are the two luxuries that I never have any guilt indulging in. – CH

I’ve not had the time to travel lately. I’m hoping to make a few small trips at the end of the month but work and home life have kept me occupied. Since I wasn’t able to travel to an exotic location, I decided to try and bring an exotic location to me! Honest, I’m not trying to turn this into a food blog, I just feel like I need to let people know I’m still alive. For the 3 or 4 of you that read this, I promise I’ll be annoying you with more inane stories soon. For now, enjoy my Indian Dinner Party that took place November 25th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Continue reading “Good-quality travel and good-quality food are the two luxuries that I never have any guilt indulging in. – CH”

A tale without love is like beef without mustard: insipid. – AF

Again I fail at photography. Not because my pictures were poor and blurry this time, I was just so busy and tired I forgot to take them altogether. I’m the worst. Anyway Saturday 9/30 I put the $70+ worth of mustard I purchased at the National Mustard Museum to good use. I had a dinner party where every dish (except dessert) had some type of mustard in it. Overall I’d say when it comes to cooking, I cut the mustard. Terrible.

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