“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” — A.A.M.

So what does an extremely amateur travel blogger do during a pandemic? Turns out not a lot beyond gain weight. I found out having snacks on hand and little reason to walk around is not a good thing. Sure I take the dog for a walk but even he gets bored of my company. At least I’m back at work now where snacks aren’t as easy to access. So this is a quick update on my lack of traveling.



My two big pieces of news are getting a new dog (which loyal readers will already know) and getting a new house. I’ve often been jealous of people with named houses like Green Gables, Hill House, Twelve Oaks, or Villa Villekulla. As such Dr. Jen and I named the new house Blue Cedar since it’s both blue and has cedar siding. Actually that was one of the things we loved most about it. All of the other houses we looked at were very cookie cutter, this was the only one with a lot of personality that felt new but also lived in. Envy me (note these are the listing photos, this is not my stuff, I have much more junk than them):


We’ve lived for 2 Halloweens and our decorations keep getting bigger. We’re known at the end of the street for 1) being the Halloween house 2) having the nice dog who wears 1 sock. Beyond that we lay low and avoid covid. This year we had a Halloween pool party! Everything was aquatic and only one person accidentally fell into the pool (it’s heated, she didn’t die). Dr. Jen and I went as ghosts from the Titanic. Reynold went as the iceberg. He wore a shirt with iceberg written on it. He’s not very clever.

I decided to dust off the old blog to highlight an upcoming trip. Leaving Feb. 2nd Dr. Jen and I are taking a week and a half to drive up the east coast. What? Maine and New Hampshire aren’t exactly tourist attractions during the winter? It’s cold and there’s bound to be snow? Read this blog again, I always try to make my trips unique! Snowbirds are chumps! Anyway I hope to bring back the tradition of publishing a post each night highlighting that day (with the exception of the nights camping…in Maine…in winter…). So get ready, you 7 people who read this. More wacky sites will be brought to you by The Yuppie Hobo soon! For now, enjoy my dog.



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