You’re doomed! You’re all doomed! – Crazy Ralph

Once a year, Boy Scout Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco opens it’s doors to horror fans who want a tour of the original Crystal Lake. Gore loving fanatics get to see where the original Friday the 13th death’s occurred! To get tickets you have to enter a lottery and if you’re chosen, you have the opportunity to buy 2 tickets. My friend Betsy was chosen, knows me as a big horror fan, and invited me along. Of course I went!


It was an interesting tour. Our guides had nothing to do with the movie, they were all volunteers from the Boy Scouts (mine was a young Eagle Scout) with, at best, a passing interest/knowledge of the movie. At each of the stops on the tour, the staff would often ask us fans if we could contribute any other info. The great thing is they were so very nice. They didn’t pretend to be experts on anything but the camp itself and were still happy to see our enthusiasm regarding the movie. Also all of the profits go directly to the camp. At one point on the tour they showed us the small Jewish prayer building that last year’s tour funded! It’s hard to complain about the cost when it’s contributing to a good cause.

My group started by seeing the entrance to the camp. It was just a few small buildings around a small field with a flag pole in the dead center. Below is a picture of us with the movie’s original camp sign and in the location where it was hung (dead center of the driveway in/out of camp). Since the movie was so low budget, they actually recycled Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco’s old sign by repainting it to fit their needs. The camp kept the old sign as a souvenir which ended up paying off for these tours.

The cabin where the first murder occurs in a flashback is one of the main structures in this area. Beside that, buried in the trees though, was the generator building where a young man named Bill Brown was sadly pinned to a door by Mrs. Voorhees.

Fortunately they gave us props and some time to take pictures. Everyone in front of me pretended to be in pain or dead so I decided to go another route.


Actually Bill kind of deserved his fate. Earlier in the movie he shoots an arrow very close to his friend to scare her (special effects artist Tom Savini really shot the arrow). Here is Betsy reenacting that scene. Please take note of her hoodie, badge, and water bottle. These were all included in the price of admission. Thank God! Neither of us were prepared for how cold it would be at the camp. I’m certain I would have died had I not been provided the hoodie and free hot chocolate.


Eventually we were lead to the infamous lake! Again people posed with the canoe smiling and just sitting in it. That simply wouldn’t do for me. I did my best Jason impression, and while I’m not as handsome, I think I did alright. In the very top left of my photo you can see a canoe floating where the scene was actually filmed.

Three actors from the movie were onsite for autograph hounds and selfies. The police officer, the hitchhiking camp cook who is killed before she makes it to the camp, and Alice the main star were in different cabins around the camp. I’m not big on overpriced autographed pictures and you had to pay $30 for one to get a selfie with just one actor. I didn’t fork over dough for those selfies and a poster that would end up on a shelf in my basement. While the rest of my group stood in line, Betsy and I had fun taking pictures. Adrienne King (Alice) was in the cabin where a snake is brutally slaughtered, so we took this photo while waiting for our group. We were told the snake may have been the pet of a crew member and that it was actually killed causing him a lot of distress. I can’t confirm that but if true, it’s a sad, sad story.


We were also shown the cabin where one of my favorite scenes occurs. The blood squirting from Mr. Bacon’s neck is fantastic.

Sadly I came ill prepared. My death was bloodless and inaccurate. I’m not sure if I was allowed to lay on the tetanus-framed bunk, but I seized my moment and worked with what was at hand.


Betsy and my photos were starting to be copied by everyone! We’re too cool. The police officer (actor Ronn Carroll) was signing autographs in the movie’s main lodge. While most people stood in line to meet him, we decided to reenact the strip monopoly scene. After people saw us do it, they all had to follow suit (does that count as a pun?). Posers.

At the start of the film Annie (played by Robbi Morgan) is hitchhiking to camp to be the cook. She catches a ride with an oil truck before being dropped off and killed. As I mentioned, Robbi was at the tour signing autographs and ceremoniously arrived at the camp in a replica of the truck! There’s The Yuppie Hobo trying but failing to catch a ride as well.


At the end of the tour everyone was gathered into the cafeteria/pavilion where we started. The actors and staff were all going to thank us and do some last minute photos. Betsy and I wanted to beat the crowd so we took off before all that began. We weren’t in a hurry to get home, we were in a hurry to get to the diner from the movie before everyone else did!

We were finishing our lunch just as the other tour goers were arriving. Perfect timing! The place was small and the food was mediocre at best. When I asked the waitress what she could tell me about the place, all she knew was that it was in the movie and when it opened. I was hoping for some fun facts but they don’t fully exploit their movie popularity. If anything they seem annoyed by it. There were two awesome finds though! First was an old Methuselah esque guy sitting at the counter drinking coffee with an equally ancient man. We overheard him saying he goes there every day. So awesome. I can’t wait to be old and cantankerous and sit around with my friend complaining about kids these days. The second thing was the children’s menu! I was very close to ordering a dinosaur.


So this was my post about Crystal Lake. I certainly don’t think it’s my best post but it’s there for you. This weekend I will be taking a road trip to Salem, MA for a pre-Halloween weekend! Along the way I have plenty of silly and tacky stops planned. The blog shall live on and hopefully improve.

Fun fact: This was not suppose to be the original filming location. The movie was set to film at a YMCA camp just down the street but the crew got lost, found Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, thought it looked better, and the rest is history. The weird part is the YMCA is so much easier to see from the road. I guess Fate intervened.

Fun fact 2: I binge watched the first 9 Friday movies in the week leading up to this trip. I don’t recommend anyone do that. Life regret.


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