I love conversation and the sharing of different thoughts and philosophies. – JL/JR

Before I get a post up about my recent trip to Ireland, I want to offer up an article sent my way. Waiting for me at work this morning was the nicest email. Hannah (blogger Craft Junkie) shared with me her plans for an epic, 3-week RV trip this summer. I’m so jealous as I’ve never actually been in an RV and would love a 3 week adventure in one of those behemoths.

She and her son have been doing a lot of planning and found my silly blog in their web-travels. Chris, her son, has apparently referred back to my site a few times. Knowing how much I love travel sites and planning Chris kindly shared this article on Unforgettable Road Trips in America. A couple of these trips are already on my list, but most I wasn’t aware of. Thank Chris! This is a big help and I’ll totally give you credit for alerting me when I make those drives.

Chris and Hannah, I hope you have an amazing adventure. Please blog your travels! I promise to follow it and share the link. If you find yourself anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic let me know, lunch will be on me.

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