Fernweh: Being homesick for a place you’ve never been to

Germany does have a killer lexicon. Today was a lot of driving and a lot of sheep. Seriously though, I’ve seen more lambs today than the rest of my life combined. I wasn’t aware this was where all sheep spawn from. Also the landscape is terribly dull. I thought it was just that I was tired yesterday that I kept zoning out but it’s the roads. It’s all beautiful and the roads are in great condition with very few, shallow potholes! The problem, it’s constant green fields and straight, flat pastures and roads. It’s too calming to drive.After a pretty decent breakfast in our hotel we skipped off to Büsum a cool little beach town. It reminded me a little of every boardwalk town I’ve been to, it even had some tacky t-shirt shops (though I didn’t see a single Female Body Inspector one).

We got to take some fun shots in front of the North Sea and walked with like a million super old German couples. I think north Germany is where old Germans go to die and Büsum is where they get their last power walking done. When we first got there I nearly wet myself when I spied what appeared to be a penny smasher!!!! It was similar, but I flattened no coins today.


It cost me 2 Euro but it’s rather large and I’m going to pretend it’s made out of solid gold. It features a light house, which I saw, and a seal, which there is supposedly a sanctuary for. I have yet to see seals, just a handful of cows and horses, 2 pheasant, and the sheep…so many sheep…

On the drive back we stopped in Meldorf at the Sankt Johannis Kirche. It was very lovely and the person inside gave us a brief history. Started catholic, the monks there made beer, it changed over to protestant after the reformation, and with the exceptions of some light updating has remained unchanged. It has three plaques listing all of the town’s men who dies in WWI. It holds a book listing all of the men from WWII. Plaques would need to cover every inch of the church to list all lost in the second war.


I learned two interesting facts about the place. One high ranking Nazi official had his funeral there. The town protested but “the Party said YES!” as my guide put it. There is also a little trap door in the very front of the church that opens into an old fireplace. How old? From around zero. Yep, not 1BC, not 1AD, but zero.

After loads of driving we ended up in some plaza in Heide. There were a lot of restaurants and cafes but nothing authentically German. I saw a McDonald’s but refrained. I figure while in Germany I should eat their food. After an hour and a half of walking we decided on a lovely and highly rated burger place. The waitress told us that there are no German restaurants in Heide because the locals don’t want to eat it. We counted numerous Italian places, 3 Chinese, one Middle Eastern, and even one Mexican. This guy did not get his wiener schnitzel. I did get offered mayo with my fries and saw a burger listed on the menu as “The Big Kahuna: as inspired by Pulp Fiction.” So that was cool.

For the record, I did see the water tower mentioned in my previous post. It was pretty underwhelming. I would have stopped for a picture had there been easier parking. To be honest, it just wasn’t worth the effort to make a u-turn and park. Come on people, it’s a water tower.

Boring day leads to a boring post. The wedding is tomorrow so hopefully I can offer more. Auf Wiedersehen!

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