Happiness is receiving a tiny gift on an ordinary day.

My first days back from the trip have been rough. It’s like being at the roller rink all night and then taking your skates off. Everything feels weird and I want to still be in motion. But all things must end and I had to go back to adulting. After my first (and very long) day back to work, I came home to an epic surprise! The self-addressed envelop I left at Pickles Gap was on the table with a note and 2 shiny pennies inside! The note read read as follows:

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the note. We have pressed 2 pennies for you and enclosed them in your envelope.

Thank you for the toothbrushes,

Pickles Gap Village

Here is one of the awesome pennies they sent! They were copies of each other but they say Pickles Gap and Toad Suck. Obviously I needed 2 because they might be the best ever.


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