Day 13: I stayed in a really old hotel last night. They sent me a wake-up letter. – SW

I survived the Clown Motel! There’s a lot that can be said for it but I think it’s better if everyone experiences it for themselves. No database system, no confirmation emails, leaving keys under mats, next to a 100 year old cemetery, sketchy bathroom. This place has it all…or rather has nothing…I don’t know, man, just stay there and figure it out for yourself.

While finishing up my paperwork for this trip, on July 10th I found a big error. I’ve been planning this trip for years, so it made me nervous that I hadn’t caught an error this big. I started to worry about the rest of the trip and what I’d missed. I’ve been moving the data from spreadsheets to maps to daily agendas frequently, so by looking at everything from different perspectives, I hope I caught everything. That’s how I found this.

Fortunately correcting this error saved me at least 5 hours of driving between today and tomorrow. Unfortunately it looked like today was going to be dull. The one big trap I was going to try and see has been pushed off until tomorrow, leaving only one roadside sight today. Originally I was driving past my motel for several hours to my next tourist trap, then turning around and coming back. Because of the distance between the Clown Motel and the next stop, I was going to have to leave Nevada at 5:30am and still rush. By pushing it off until tomorrow, I’m certain I’ll make it and I got to sleep in today.

Hopefully, dear readers, you know I can find weirdness and entertain myself. Driving from Nowhere, Nevada to Who Cares, Utah has very little scenery. I went 2 hours without seeing anyone, just like in Montana. I figured there would be places I’d be alone and without cell service (I was right), so I got a CB to call for help if needed. I did a radio calibration yesterday and got fantastic readings, unfortunately there were zero people on the airwaves today so it didn’t matter. For a good portion of today, I was off the grid.


The road was flat and I could see for miles. At one point the road seemed to lead right into the mountains giving me flashbacks from yesterday.


Thank God it turned at the base of the mountain. I did drive through the mountain but it wasn’t as steep and there was a big shoulder the entire way.

Here are some fun things I found driving through the wasteland that is South East Nevada/South West Utah. First was a small cemetery in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere.


Next was this terrifying bone sculpture at a “meat processing building.” It wasn’t a plant. If anything it was more of a large garage. With this arch leading into it and nothing else in the area for at least 40 miles, I took the picture and hauled ass.


Continuing on the terrifying theme was this place. Again it was in the middle of nowhere although there were other cars on the road with me at this point. Inspired by Wolf Creek?

Four miles down the road, I found this shoe tree. Not only was the tree covered, there were loose shoes all over the ground. There were a surprising number of kids shoes. I’m sure it has absolutely no connection to the Outback Taxidermy…

Not everything is creepy and serial killery though. I found a lovely camel at a Flying J. Yep, a live camel and some emu at a truck stop petting zoo. I’ve never seen a petting zoo at a truck stop before. With the stereotypes of what happens at truck stops, I fear for that camel.


Last is the only stop I had planned and conveniently it was directly across from my hotel. This is obviously a stop I had to make. My Mecca may be the home of the LARGEST SODA POP BOTTLES IN THE WORLD! My love for The Coca-Cola Company is no secret. I really wanted a picture next to the Diet Coke can but there were all kinds of truckers watching me. It was weird. Please notice the plate on the pick up truck. Dyrt Nap…

The last two days have shown me that all of the movies I watch might not be far from reality. Back country taxidermy and meat processing is a little too close to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, Psycho, and Wrong Turn movies. The inhabited trailers with missing walls yesterday fits with The Hills Have Eyes. I need to cut down on my horror intake but these middle of the country states need to do their part! Stop being so creepy! Dyrt Nap? Really?

This post was hastily put together so I can go take advantage of my indoor pool and hot tub! Smell you later, chumps!

5 thoughts on “Day 13: I stayed in a really old hotel last night. They sent me a wake-up letter. – SW

  1. Cathy Corsi

    So you continually tell us you are all alone on all these highways and byways, yet you seem to always have a picture of yourself, by yourself……who is taking these pictures?? Huh?? It seems a little odd and scary to me….do you keep a mouse in your pocket just for these pictures? And after seeing all these crazy pictures and places you have been, I now know I have been right all these years by not watching the scary movies…..hahaha….


  2. Susan Lewis

    Well that can of soda might last you the day. And for your information I am not limpy (I assumed you were talking about me – although others might not know what you’re talking about), I have a scooter and you are missing all the fun of riding on it. Just so you know, since Eric shared your post with me, I’ve shared it with everyone around here. We are quite amused by your adventures, So no more hastily put together posts (it really didn’t seem like it was hastily put together). Just keep our entertainment in mind. Be safe. Until tomorrow……..

    Liked by 1 person

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