3 days left!

Two more days of work. Three more nights in my bed. I’m mostly packed and pick up the rent-a-car tomorrow at lunch. My living room is full of my emergency and first AID gear. My bedroom floor is covered in various clothing and gift bags. People have my route and hotel information should I go missing. Pretty much everything is planned. Shit is getting real.

I bought gifts for people along the way. I have a gift package for the gentleman who is opening his house to me. I have a smaller gift bag for a family showing me their property. I bought my good friend and his girlfriend some Delaware swag for letting them stay with them in San Fransisco. And lastly I bought 62 University of Delaware toothbrushes to hand out as I travel. Good service? Toothbrush! Polite to me? Toothbrush! Tell me about a good place to eat? Toothbrush!


I made two very last minute purchases. Thank God for Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping. While packing I realized I lacked a way to keep memory cards, spare batteries, and cords appropriately organized. I bought these two fellows to help me keep my nonsense in order.


Tonight I also pulled out my tent to make sure it was in good condition and I still knew how to put it together. It is and I do. I’m at a campground one night in Wisconsin, so it’s either tent or sleep in the car. I figure the tent is also good if I decide to make a wicked good hotel-fort.



Still left to do:

  • Buy envelopes and stamps.
  • Print the last map I need.
  • Print divider tabs for my trapper keeper.
  • Calibrate CB radio and antenna on rental car.

I hope that’s it…the goal is to have nothing to do Wednesday night except get a good nights sleep.

3 thoughts on “3 days left!

    1. The two packs worked for what I needed. I was really fond of the one on the right. The cords held everything nice and tight while still making them accessible and viable. The other didn’t hold anything in place so all my batteries just rolled around inside it. I recommend the one with the cords!


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