1 week left!

I’ve been a busy guy since my last post.

  • Created all my daily agendas. These sheets give addresses, notes about each place, and rough estimates of drive times. This gives me an idea of what time I should check out each morning and about how much time I should devote to each location. Obviously these are just estimates. Unfortunately I was reminded about time zones (thanks mom!) and had to redo them all.
  • I found a major mistake in my trip that saves me over 5 hours of driving. I was also worried that I might not make it to a tourist trap before it closed one day, but now that’s not a concern. This is all good news but makes me worry about what other issues I’ve missed.
  • I’ve completed my Classic Rock playlist. It has songs from the very late 50’s to the very early 80’s and runs 17.5 hours long. My three playlists (classic rock, 90’s, and 80’s) now run a total of 36 hours! And of course I have hundreds of other albums on top of those. I have another 5 or so hours just of Swingin’ Utters! Go team music!
  • I picked up another audiobook.


  • Purchased 2 new batteries for my Canon 20D.
  • Tried to print out all of my agendas and maps, found out my printer is out of ink, and ordered new ink. My trapper keeper should be complete by Friday night.
  • Purchased a journal ledger to keep track of finances, mileage, and other data I want to monitor.
  • I read an amazing book on historical tourism concerning a tourist trap in Georgia I’ll be visiting. The book was written by a man in Alabama who’s home I’ll be visiting. I’ll share information about the book on day 18, I don’t want to give away my stops early. I’ll also probably do a book review when I get home since it was so good.
  • Bought Delaware themed presents for several of the people I’m going to see on my trip.
  • Watched the first 3 Psycho movies so I know warning signs too look when checking into each motel.

This weekend I’m focused on laundry and packing. Getting nervous!

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