I think this means you’re a unicorn. – SA

Today I’m not feeling well. All week I’ve been a little lethargic and didn’t sleep well last night. There was also a bit of bad news with my family yesterday. This post is going to help me change my perspective, keep kicking up my blog game, and share a few things. Please watch Shawn Anchor’s 12 minute TED talk embedded below. I’m using his idea that I need to focus on the good to pep up and get back on track.

News to share:

  • Reserved and paid for my rental car yesterday.
  • Printed out and organized all of my hotel confirmations for my trapper keeper.
  • Finished the agendas for the first 6 days of my trip.
  • Purchased a Deflecto Early Warning Road Safety Triangle 3-pack.
  • Purchased a sun shade for the windshield. I’ve never used one before but I also don’t remember ever getting into a car that’s been sitting in the New Mexico summer sun. I hope it helps keep my hands from bursting into flames when I touch the steering wheel.
  • Made my last change to the trip. I substituted a diner I was going to check out with another tourist trap. It’s too close to the trip to make any further revisions. The schedule is in ink, so to speak.

This is all great news and has given me a boost in energy just typing it! Now please watch Shawn’s TED Talk. If you don’t laugh or smile at least once at his jokes I will send you 10 smashed pennies and a jar of fancy mustard from my trip. Promise.

4 thoughts on “I think this means you’re a unicorn. – SA

    1. Buford: Same thing tomorrow?
      Phineas: Nah, I like to keep moving forward.
      Ferb: Sharks have to continue to move forward, or they’ll drown.

      You quote the greatest president, I’ll quote cartoons. That’s how we roll.


  1. I keep meaning to ask, do you know about thebunnymuseum.com? It is one of those odd places that will will stick with you for the rest of your days. I’m pretty sure I’m scarred for life, but describing it doesn’t do it justice. Yet, you know….bunnies.


    1. This is exactly what I look for in life! That top graphic looks like the header for a 90s MySpace page of a death metal band. It should be surrounded by blinking, pixelated pentagrams.

      There’s a place that lets you swim with otters 2.5 hours from The Bunny Museum. I feel I’m already starting to plan my next vacation.


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