Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. – GM

Based on my maps and spreadsheets, I will be driving over 124 hours. That’s only driving from destination to destination. It does not include pulling off highways for food and gas, detours, or any driving I do my 5 “days off.” I have several playlists on my phone and loads of CDs. I have a 9+ hour 90’s playlist, a 9+ hour 80’s playlist, and I’m working on a classic rock playlist that will hopefully be around the same length. I’m going to need more entertainment than that.


I was thinking about installing exercise equipment in the car Sylvester Stallone style, to build up my muscles for arm wrestling matches with truckers. If you don’t get that reference go watch “Over the Top” right this second and see a trucker arm wrestle for custody of his son. You will thank me later. Anyway it’s not very practical. It will also leave me with one huge arm and one trucker-tanned arm. Not a look I can pull off.

In order to occupy my time and give me some sense of human contact, I’ve opted to purchase some audio books. I’ve used them on trips before and loved listening to them when I mowed the lawn as a teen. One issue I’ve found with them though, is that my mind wanders. I’ll have driven several miles without paying attention to the story and have to rewind. For me it isn’t as easy to do with CDs as it was with tapes. The alternative is to just keep going and possibly miss a crucial piece of the story and be confused when it comes up later.

Rather than go with fiction, I’ve decided to listen to memoirs. I purchased 5 with great Amazon reviews that seem like they might be entertaining. If I zone out and miss a chapter in someone’s life, who cares? I’ll still be able to keep up without having to go back and listen again. I also chose funny and upbeat books to keep up my positive and optimistic outlook. Hopefully they’ll be solid books and keep me fully entertained. Maybe when I get home I’ll review each. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see.

I got good deals and only paid a total of $29.49 for the 5 books. These aren’t books I would typically sit down and read but this trip is all about getting away from my typical life. Billy Crystal was big when I was a little kid but overall he was a bit before my time. I’m a fan of Tina Fey and have been meaning to read her book for a while. I’ve heard Rob Lowe in interviews and found him engaging. I’m hoping he tells stories of debauchery that only an 80s sex symbol could get away with. I’ve seen “Sh*t my Dad Says” on bookshelves and I know they made a TV series out of it. So why not? The last book, “Heaven is for Real,” seems like a stretch for me. It was cheap, had great reviews, and sounds really uplifting. If my mood starts turning sour at any point, I plan to give this a try.

Two posts in one week! My last class ends tomorrow and my trip is a month and a half away so I have to ramp up my blogging output. Hopefully this weekend I will finally get to assembling and organizing my binder. The pages and supplies have been sitting on the floor of my closet for too long. If nothing else it will give me fodder for another post. Good day to you all.

One thought on “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. – GM

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