Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God. – KV

And so begins the tales of a middle class suburbanite traveling the world in search of the weird, the silly, and the kitschy…

This blog is really being started as preparation for an epic road trip I am planning for July 2017. As a graduation present to myself I plan on taking 3 weeks to essentially circumnavigate America seeing such sights as a bronze monument to Arthur Fonzarelli and a street dedicated to and named after Sheb Wooley. The goal will be to update the blog as my trip moves along in order to catalog my adventures, share photos, and introduce characters I meet along the way. Leading up to the trip I want to journal my preparations.

For now I will post about past adventures in the hopes of keeping myself inspired. Maybe by writing about former trips I will remember people and places I just have to see again. Maybe if anyone reads this (I’m assuming no one will), I can meet people who might want to tell me about some tacky hidden gem I need to visit, share a meal during my journey, or even offer a couch I can crash on.

The real question for now is how long can I keep my interest in blogging?

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